50 Things to do Instead of Kill Yourself

Suicide Prevention Necklaces for Men and Women

  1. Call the National Suicide Lifeline.

If you are really in trouble, do not read the rest of this blog. Call the Lifeline now.

  1. Realize that even if you don’t like the way you look, someone thinks you are perfectly beautiful.


You might not even know this person, but believe me someone thinks you’re hot stuff!

  1. Know that there will never be anyone like you, ever.

I know, you’ve heard it all before, but it’s true. You are the only one ever made. You are special and you are special to many people, I’m guessing. People who want to die are sensitive, intelligent people. You are no exception, and people love sensitive, intelligent, loving people.

  1. Make a half-smile. Or a full smile, if you feel like it.

half smile

This is trick from Marsha Linehan, who is the champion behind all the healing of borderline personality disorder sufferers. I know it’s so cheesy, but it actually relieves a little pain.

  1. Listen to the beat of your own heart.

  1. Have a friend give you a back massage – or go get one in town.

back massage

This one might be more difficult. My husband won’t give me a back rub (because he doesn’t “know how”), and I can never seem to afford them. But, it getting a back rub from someone safe is possible, you should do it!

  1. Listen to music from a genre you really dig. On a record player, if possible.

record player

For me, this would be the 70’s. A little Cat Stevens always makes me a little happier.

  1. Watch a funny video

  1. Do some creative writing, but don’t get too deep into the suicidal thoughts.

creative writing

Sometimes this gets dangerous for me, but I just have to remember that I’m keeping my writing light – just for therapy purposes. If you are delving into suicidal material, keep it short.

  1. Go out and talk to one person.

  1. Read your favorite book.

My favorite book is Anne of Green Gables. It’s pretty much torn up by now. I mean, I’ve been reading it since I was twelve!

  1. Take a nap.


Sometimes I feel guilty for doing this, but if I’m suicidal, I remember that I wasn’t going to do anything for the rest of my life anyway. You will feel better after a nap.

  1. Call a good friend. Not one who will judge you.

Do not call that religious friend who will tell you that suicide is a sin. I can’t stand those people.

  1. Float on a body of water, if one is near.


But please don’t drown yourself.

  1. Start finding your ultimate purpose.

Hell yeah!

  1. Explore your talents (yes, you have them).


Underwater basket weaving, anyone?

  1. Have a movie party and stay up all night, even if you are the only one invited.

  1. Take a bubble bath

  1. Think about your soulmate.

soul mate

I think everyone has a soul mate out there, and guess what? The more you think about him/her, the more energy in the universe has to go out and snag ‘em!

  1. Sing in the shower.

sing in the shower

It’s a bummer if you have housemates.

   21. Sing

But you can do this anywhere outside the house.

  1. Think about the people whom you love.

  1. Walk into a warm building on a cold day.

warm building


  1. Walk into a cool building on a warm day.


  1. Sign up for a workshop.

This will get you out of yourself for a few hours every week.

Suicide Prevention Necklaces for Men and Women

  1. Sign up for a support group.

This will also get you out of the house, but the potential to make great friends is here as well.

  1. Make snow angels.

snow angels


  1. Make sand angels.


  1. Make dirt angels (ooh! This one would be fun.).dirt angels

Also self-explanatory

  1. Remember that if you have the capacity to be sad, you have the capacity to be happy.

Was there a time in your life that you felt happy? Maybe in childhood? Think about these times – meditate on them for a while.

  1. Sleep in (all day!).

This is the time to not worry about commitments. You are very sick if you are thinking about suicide. Just stay in bed today and tackle those commitments after you have been rested.

  1. Think about being 80 years-old and being proud of yourself that you are alive.

80 years

  1. Acknowledge the “butterfly effect” that happens when people kill themselves.

  1. Eat some comfort food.

  1. Call an old flame, just to see what happens.

old flame

  1. Watch the entire season of Breaking Bad. All at once.

  1. Call someone you love just to tell them you love them.

Doing this will spark some endorphins, at least.

  1. Have a nice cup of coffee/tea, and drink it slowly, enjoying the experience.


  1. I also prefer Napoleon Dynamite as a pick-me-up, but I’m pretty strange. You might want to pick your own movie.


  1. Cry. A lot. Now cry some more.


Some people think that crying is for weak people. I’m here to tell you that it is for the strong at heart, indeed.

  1. Scream (if you can. Don’t alarm anyone).

But if you can, do it. Hike to the top of a mountain and just let it out. It’s cathartic as hell.

  1. Find a wacky fundraiser and get excited about it.

color run

I wrote a few. Here is the website: 50 Wacky Fundraising Ideas

  1. Bake, or attempt to bake. Give some to your neighbors.


You don’t really have to know how to bake to have fun in the kitchen. It’s a guaranteed distraction, especially when you have to clean up the mess.

  1. Get into that craft you always wanted to be good at.

There are too many ideas to mention. I’m sure you’ve got at least one.

  1. Think about your teenage years and know that nothing will ever be that hard.

struggling teens

  1. Take a walk, no matter the weather.

  1. Go to the movies, either by yourself or with friends.

  1. Lie down.

lie down

  1. Laugh for no reason.

  1. Write a blog:

Suicidal Thoughts

Suicide Prevention Necklaces for Men and Women


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