Hello, my name is Erin. I am not a doctor; just a friend. Throughout my life I have been consumed with the matter of mental health, as two people very close to me were successful in suicide in my mid-to-late teens. Or, maybe it’s because of all the times I spent in bipolar depression, praying for God to take my life and being angry that He wouldn’t. You can find out more about me in “Erin’s Story” on this website.

Project Semicolon (http://www.projectsemicolon.org/) had the idea to use the semicolon symbol to create hope and solidarity for those who have had suicidal ideations, gone through the process of suicide attempts, or know someone who has. My pendant necklaces each have a hand-painted semicolon on the front. Project semicolon suggests getting a tattoo. I thought I’d design a line of jewelry instead. You can find it here: http://www.ebay.com/usr/becauseforthecause. It’s less permanent.


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